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  1. Few people are resistant to periodontal diseases but they have varying resistance.
  2. Remember, both dental caries and periodontal diseases are diseases of choice.
  3. The periodontal diseases like Necrotising ulcerative gingivitis and periodontitis are commonly seen in immunocompromised patients.
  4. It is understood that specific microorganisms play an importance in both caries and periodontal diseases.
  5. "This study supports earlier findings, and even showed a significantly higher prevalence of periodontal diseases in cardiac patients.
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  7. A multitude of oral lesions including unique forms of periodontal diseases, have been discovered in individuals infected with the HIV.
  8. In addition, some studies have demonstrated a relationship between periodontal diseases and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
  9. Normally found in the oropharyngeal tract of mammals, they are involved in the pathogenesis of some animal bite wounds as well as periodontal diseases.
  10. This index was also designed to screen large populations to determine treatment needs and formulate preventive strategies, not to describe the prevalence and severity of periodontal diseases.
  11. Moreover, terminology expressing both the extent and severity of periodontal diseases are appended to the terms above to denote the specific diagnosis of a particular patient or group of patients.
  12. If your pet's teeth are not kept clean, I have a feeling they will be just as prone to dental caries and periodontal diseases as we are ! 2.
  13. Long-term methamphetamine use can cause parafunctional habits, routine actions of a body part that are different than their common use, which can result in tooth wear and exacerbate periodontal diseases.
  14. Smoking amongst adolescents will not only increase the risk of lung and mouth cancer but it will also expose them to oral diseases like periodontal diseases, burns and other lesions of the soft mucosal tissues.
  15. While children are likely to have the mildest form of gingivitis which can be overcome with proper oral hygiene procedures, older people are more susceptible to periodontal diseases which are chronic in nature and may probably be irreversible.
  16. In the late 1980s-early 1990s, it was originally thought that some necrotizing periodontal diseases seen in severely affected aids patients were strictly a sequela of HIV, and it was even called HIV-associated periodontitis.
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