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  1. From these training plans periodized schedules were developed for the 1960 Olympics.
  2. The nature of the sport focuses on persistent and often periodized training in each of the three disciplines, as well as combination workouts and general strength conditioning.
  3. She continually improved her training program to fit the needs of her athletes, resulting in a double periodized program focusing on low mileage and strength building workouts.
  4. According to Marshall, modernity is periodized into three conventional phases ( dubbed " Early, " " Classical, " and " Late, " respectively, by Peter ):
  5. *Improve the titles, work on the dates ( e . g . say 15th c . to early 19th c ., late 18th c . to late 20th c . & allow overlap ), rework levels of detail & avoid duplicating language in unified ( & more conceptual ) article on colonialism vs . more periodized articles dealing with colonialisms of different forms related to different world economies.
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