period of existence in a sentence

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  1. During their relatively brief period of existence, the Megasecoptera were rather successful.
  2. The Austrian Federal Railways has had two discrete periods of existence.
  3. The first period of existence of its Medical School was from 1824 1828.
  4. The infantry regiments underwent frequent changes of numbering during their period of existence.
  5. Dobrudja was part of the Bulgarian Empire during its whole period of existence.
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  7. The Upper School campus has received many renovations over its period of existence.
  8. The seat has had three periods of existence.
  9. Bomber Command had a successful period of existence.
  10. The veterans attending included 68 Currahees whose service spanned the entire period of existence of the regiment.
  11. Within the period of existence, the publishing house produced tens of thousands of books in different subjects.
  12. In its period of existence the diocese has built 4 new churches in Malm? Triengen, Berlin and Mainz.
  13. COPACHI grew quickly, and over its short period of existence investigated a broad range of human rights violations.
  14. In studying grave goods, it is important to know the period of existence and to substantiate its prestige value.
  15. The panel's original period of existence was until three years after its inception, when it would release its report.
  16. ""'Caras y Caretas " "'is a weekly magazine of Argentina published from 1898 to 1941 in its first period of existence.
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