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  1. Later he became Vice-Chairman of the Performing Right Society.
  2. Performing rights are paid by the venue rather than the DJ.
  3. Rios also received an industry award for BMI performing Rights Society.
  4. In some of them, mechanical and performing rights are administered jointly.
  5. Bruch gave the Sutro sisters the sole performing rights to the work.
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  7. The band was also selected by SESAC for performing rights.
  8. In APRA Music Awards, presented by the Australasian Performing Right Association.
  9. JACAP has reciprocal agreements with similar performing right societies throughout the world.
  10. He was also a founder member of the Indian Performing Rights Society.
  11. From 1939, he served as a director of the Performing Right Society.
  12. He was sometime Director of the Performing Rights Society.
  13. But I really felt strongly that our team is under-performing right now.
  14. Between 1973 and 1986 Platz was the publishing director of the Performing Right Society.
  15. Live performances of copyrighted songs are typically arranged through performing rights organizations such as BMI.
  16. He was a distinguished Performing Right Society.
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