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  1. Laruelle believes that both philosophy and non-philosophy are performative.
  2. It is a performative, rather than a compositional, style.
  3. In both cases, the performative objects are  magically charged.
  4. The third aspect of the performative consists of an aesthetic dimension.
  5. Performative architecture is still under developing ideas as a concrete definition.
  6. It's difficult to find performative in a sentence.
  7. He was pioneering in giving attention to performative aspects of folklore.
  8. There are performative architects, like Gehry and Steven Holl.
  9. The performative element of her theory suggests a social audience.
  10. One smaller theater contained a performative installation by Daniel Pillis.
  11. DeJong's writing is closely tied to performative practice.
  12. Besides the context, the performative utterance itself is unambiguous as well.
  13. "My Father " also has been interpreted as performative.
  14. Three performative loops that weave in and out of synchronisation.
  15. Gorgias writings are intended to be both rhetorical ( persuasive ) and performative.
  16. Chapters 2 and 4 discuss the nature of knowledge, focusing on performative utterance.
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