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  1. Each performance test is worth as many points as two regular essays.
  2. In February 1937, the prototypes successfully completed a series of performance tests.
  3. These include stage races, additional active safety performance tests and a dynamometer test.
  4. Steam s VR performance test seems to think so as well.
  5. Licensed in 1980 at Neumunster, completed the 1981 Adelheidsdorf 100-day stallion performance test.
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  7. You can see the full spec and performance test results here:
  8. Performance test results allow breeders and buyers to identify horses with amateur-suitable temperaments.
  9. The performance test is also held in Stadl-Paura, commencing in June.
  10. The CAEL Assessment is a fully integrated and topic-based performance test.
  11. He believes teachers'pay should be increased based on performance tests, not arbitrary tests.
  12. These flights covered performance tests such as we do on planes undergoing Navy tests.
  13. Casters must pass a written, oral and 2-hour performance test to receive the certificate.
  14. The jets, manufactured in Turkey, were returning from performance tests in the United States.
  15. Certification requires candidates to pass a written and performance test.
  16. Asian students are the highest scoring on state performance tests.
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