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  1. The IRU contract defines detailed technical and performance specifications for the IRU fibers.
  2. However, the application for production was denied, citing failure to meet performance specifications.
  3. There is no change to fit, functional, electrical or performance specifications.
  4. Those performance specifications led NAA to submit their NA-40 design.
  5. The results of these efforts were incorporated into performance specifications and provided guidance to the contractors.
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  7. All industrial fan designs must be accurately engineered to meet performance specifications while maintaining structural integrity.
  8. The test results proved that the aircraft possessed good flying characteristics as well as meeting performance specifications.
  9. These standards detail performance specifications for LED light sources and prescribe test methods for solid-state lighting products.
  10. Performance specifications are often vaguely stated or do not conform to the industrywide standards for conventional hi-fi components.
  11. The G-SPEED line has high-end performance specifications geared toward content producers, Fibre Channel products, 4GBit connectivity, and more.
  12. NASA would also be able to purchase science information from private companies to use for specific performance specifications.
  13. The technical performance specifications of this chip are nearly three times faster than those of the Pentium III microprocessors.
  14. It is also dependent on availability of materials and equipment that meet or exceed performance specifications specified in ECBC.
  15. The performance goal does not just match but exceeds the original performance specifications of the . 458 Winchester Magnum.
  16. The basic section of this specification has been structured as a performance specification, which is supplemented with detailed appendices.
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