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  1. His job was to make propulsion performance predictions for the Saturn 5 first stage.
  2. RPP is a designed platform that can be used for heath assessment and performance prediction.
  3. In modern times, 3D computer graphics can visually simulate this data, and calculate performance predictions.
  4. Liquid-fueled rocket injector design has been studied at great length and still resists reliable performance prediction.
  5. NWTC has developed a suite of turbine design and performance prediction codes which rely on Momentum ( BEM ) theory.
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  7. By trending the GHE over time, performance prediction can be made when unit revenue will drop below a predetermined break-even threshold.
  8. For another, administration officials said, Clinton was troubled by a " safe harbor " provision protecting companies when their financial performance predictions aren't borne out.
  9. In computer science, "'trace-based simulation "'refers to system simulation performed by looking at traces of program execution or system component access with the purpose of performance prediction.
  10. In computer science, "'performance prediction "'means to estimate the execution time or other performance factors ( such as cache misses ) of a program on a given computer.
  11. It shares the performance prediction engine with Instarocket, and allows for large numbers of data value sweeps to find optimum propellant splits between the various stages of the vehicle.
  12. The degree of damage is literally minuscule, but they are something new, and in that regard, we must reassess all the performance predictions and re-verify the performance, or else make some changes.
  13. But a growing number of research studies show that the best way for organizations to achieve close to optimal validity and job performance prediction, is to create a predictor composite that includes a measure of cognitive ability and an additional measure such as a personality test.
  14. Scalable Network Technologies was founded by Dr . Rajive Bagrodia in Los Angeles in 1999 . Dr . Bagrodia was working as a UCLA Professor of Computer Science when he and his research group achieved significant innovations in the theory and practice of performance prediction for complex, large-scale computer and communication systems.
  15. This research was funded by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) under the Design of Mobile Adaptive Networks Using Simulation and Agent Technology ( DOMAINS ) project at UCLA . Given these results in performance prediction for complex, large-scale computer and communication systems, he founded Scalable Network Technologies in 1999.

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