performance practice in a sentence

  1. This effect has now become standard performance practice for the work.
  2. The Society has since remained committed to historically informed performance practice.
  3. Haynes specialises in the performance practice of contemporary music and improvisation.
  4. However, many top researchers in performance practice are also excellent musicians.
  5. Performance practices reflect socio-economic circumstances of Mexican punks.
  6. It's difficult to find performance practice in a sentence.
  7. Occasionally these modern voice types are varied in performance practice.
  8. This scale does not correspond to any known performance practice.
  9. The Historical Performance Practice and Contemporary Music Institutes were founded in 2005.
  10. Fantasia is a traditional equestrian performance practiced during cultural festivals throughout Morocco.
  11. The group uses historical instruments in keeping with historically informed performance practice.
  12. He was an early advocate for historically informed performance practices.
  13. PostgreSQL . org provides advice on basic recommended performance practice in a wiki.
  14. In this chapter, Bunting shares some harp music theory and performance practice.
  15. Their productions are highly interdisciplinary, incorporating sophisticated composition and experimental performance practice.
  16. This allowed Cassils to gain knowledge in the history of experimental performance practice.
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