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  1. A 1939 government study found the I-16 had exhausted its performance potential.
  2. Our test driver simply could not extract the performance potential of the Interceptor.
  3. Most exotic cars with this sort of performance potential are built as technology showcases.
  4. However, there was no effort to change the model numbers to reflect this higher performance potential.
  5. The Improved Touring category is broken into five classes based on the performance potential of the car.
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  7. A primary limiting factor to the performance potential of the engine is an incredibly restrictive stock down-pipe.
  8. Vehicles are listed with point values based on the stock vehicle's performance potential assigned to each model year.
  9. The 292 forged steel crankshaft was popular with motor enthusiasts in increasing the performance potential of the 312.
  10. Eighth-generation Rivieras received the most powerful V-6 Buick engine since the sleeper, a car with not-so-obvious yet potent performance potential.
  11. This was poor choice of rifle by Remington as it was unable to exploit the performance potential of the 6.5mm Remington.
  12. A distinction needs to be made between " planting stock quality " and " planting stock performance potential " ( PSPP ).
  13. That performance potential is backed up by power anti-locb when reverse is engaged and a decent stereo that's easily operated when driving.
  14. Cars may be classified for different levels of performance potential, in order that similarly capable cars and drivers are on the track together.
  15. Changes are made by Fidelity throughout the year to enhance my performance potential, and I am notified on a regular basis of any changes.
  16. When it was clear that the A-12 performance potential was much greater, the Air Force ordered a variant of the A-12 in December 1962.
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