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  1. It has some divisions such as : Industrial / Nonwovens, Construction and Distribution and High performance polymers.
  2. Outer layers are a blend of polyolefins while the core layer is formed from a high performance polymer.
  3. Performance polymer is part of the polymers and hydrocarbons business, DSM's largest and most cyclical division.
  4. Operating income fell by more than half in the performance polymer business due to a drop in nylon sales.
  5. "' Victrex plc "'is a British-based supplier of high performance polymer solutions.
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  7. Performance polymer sales increased 21 percent to 797 million, boosting operating profit by 85 percent to 91 million francs.
  8. When Allied Signal was acquired by Honeywell, Weidman became Honeywell President of Performance Polymers Business ( 1999-2000 ).
  9. The simple structure of the molecule also gives rise to surface and chemical properties that are rare in high-performance polymers.
  10. Weidman joined AlliedSignal in 1994, holding various positions, including President of its performance polymers business ( 1998-1999 ).
  11. The blend is generally immiscible ( an alloy ), where the high performance polymer is dispersed in a matrix formed by the polyolefins.
  12. In recent months, PlanetRX . com, InsWeb Corp ., Performance Polymer Technologies, and Galil Motion Control have decamped from Silicon Valley altogether.
  13. Its performance polymers unit, which generated sales of 900 million guilders ( $ 526 million ) last year, is mostly made up of polymer plastics.
  14. Compared to standard CFSMC, Forged Composite technology uses higher fiber volume content, higher performance polymer resins, and improved compression molding procedures with advanced engineering design criteria.
  15. There are many synonyms for the term high-performance plastics, such as : high temperature plastics, high-performance polymers, high performance thermoplastics or high-tech plastics.
  16. TCL is used as a key component in performance polymers and aramid fibers, where it imparts flame resistance, chemical resistance, temperature stability, light weight, and very high strength.
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