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  1. From a performance point of view, probably a six or seven.
  2. The optimal performance point varies from system to system.
  3. For example, Air Miles at Sunoco has a Performance Points reward program.
  4. In total, Poco Pine earned 135 AQHA Halter points and 17 AQHA Performance points.
  5. Fred earned 174.9 points, delivering the highest performance points on the show.
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  7. The companies are not changed for the entire summer and compete against each other for performance points.
  8. "They weren't just interested from a performance point of view, " he said.
  9. From a performance point of view, the architecture of the i486 is a vast improvement over the 80386.
  10. "But from a performance point of view, it's quite encouraging, " he added.
  11. Their performance points up the need to focus the FAA solely on safety and leave the job of promoting aviation to Transportation.
  12. Performance points are also given based on how well the player has beaten a beatmap, albeit not from qualified or loved maps.
  13. This exceptionally strong third-quarter performance points to continued healthy income gains, strong consumer confidence and good fourth-quarter retail sales.
  14. It was such a great product and won all of the awards, but it was targeted at a poor price-performance point,
  15. Four years ago, Sarah ( from Arlington, Mass . ) missed the final place on the team because of tiebreaking performance points.
  16. Team captain Ben Crenshaw will pick two players in addition to the 10 who will make the team based on a performance point system.
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