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  1. Both these types would generally be considered to constitute performance poetry.
  2. In 2001 it organised a performance poetry event on London Buses.
  3. Ann Arbor is also known within the performance poetry scene.
  4. The last years Kessel has been engaged to performance poetry.
  5. It is a fine alternative tribute to Ginsberg's mastery of performance poetry.
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  7. The National Poetry Slam is the largest team performance poetry event in the world.
  8. The group dedicated itself to sound and performance poetry as well as collaborative composition.
  9. Besides text, Alland works in multimedia, film, performance poetry and sound poetry.
  10. Performance poetry is theater, bodies movt what we are thinking but often fail to express.
  11. Performance poetry with music peaked during the 1980s just as performance art peaked in the 1970s.
  12. He was also an early experimenter with alternative publishing, mail art, and performance poetry.
  13. Poets, editors and publishers trace the interest in performance poetry to rap music and music videos.
  14. The Leteboku is a performance poetry contest among Leboku maidens from each of the traditional Ugep wards.
  15. As a poet, Sansom was best known for his performance poetry and his verses for children.
  16. Props, costumes, and music are forbidden in slams, similar to its immediate predecessor, performance poetry.
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