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  1. Performance poets write poems only for performance and not for print.
  2. He is poetry teacher, as well as a performance poet.
  3. Pobjie is also a performance poet and comedian, performing around Melbourne.
  4. Thayil is also known as a performance poet and musician.
  5. He is one of the leading performance poets in Uganda.
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  7. He is also a performance poet, and a Shortfuse Poetry Idol Competition winner.
  8. Alexander was renowned as a performance poet.
  9. Charles first appeared on television as a performance poet, which led to minor presenting roles.
  10. Wolfson and Saunders composed the music, and Hungarian performance poet Endre Szk醨osi contributed the lyrics.
  11. Waite is also a performance poet.
  12. Tom was a top-eight performance poet finalist in HawaiiSlam's First Thursdays Grand Slam.
  13. As a spoken word performance poet, Garrett has appeared in many venues throughout New York City.
  14. He edited the literary magazine, " Planet ", and was a popular performance poet.
  15. His life and work influenced a new generation of Canadian artists, including iconic performance poets The Four Horsemen.
  16. Rosa Alem醤 ( born August 7, 1981 ) is an up and coming performance poet and rhythmic story teller.
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