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  1. Engineering Plastics develops, produces and markets high-performance plastics under the Technyl?brand.
  2. Operating profit at Dow's performance plastics division fell 12 percent to $ 241 million.
  3. By mixing these different elements the diversity of high-performance plastics is created with their different characteristics.
  4. Kreinberg was appointed to lead the Performance Plastics & Chemicals division as its executive vice president.
  5. The development of new high-performance plastics is therefore closely linked to the development and economic production of the constituent monomers.
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  7. The plant produces high-performance plastics designed to withstand high temperatures, used in such products as auto parts and hospital equipment.
  8. DERA's Feraday and cyclotrimethylene trinitramine, components of Semtex-H, a high-performance plastic explosive manufactured in Pardubice, Czechoslovakia ( now Czech Republic ).
  9. In the electrical and electronics industries are 41 % and 24 % of high-performance plastics used in the automotive industry, respectively.
  10. If the term high-performance thermoplastics is used, it is because both the standard and technical as well as high-performance plastics are always thermoplastics.
  11. There are many synonyms for the term high-performance plastics, such as : high temperature plastics, high-performance polymers, high performance thermoplastics or high-tech plastics.
  12. Moss, the SoHo design store, and Kartell, an innovator of high-concept, high-performance plastics, are discussing opening a virtual emporium, to be available at Moss.
  13. "' Romeo Kreinberg "'is an American German business executive and former executive vice president for Performance Plastics & Chemicals at the Dow Chemical Company.
  14. Since production volumes are very limited with 20.000 t / year the high-performance plastics are holding a market share of just about 1 %.
  15. General Motors Corp . on Tuesday announced that it has developed the first automotive exterior use for a new lightweight high performance plastic material.
  16. Dow Chemicals reorganized again in 2005, and consolidated all of its businesses into two divisions : Basic Plastics & Chemicals and Performance Plastics & Chemicals.
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