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  1. The performance plan kicked in the other $ 1 . 7 million.
  2. Many left in protest to a new pay-for-performance plan introduced by Maughan.
  3. Page was a member of British Cycling's World Class Performance Plan until 2006.
  4. Buffett was behind a pay-for-performance plan that promised to slash compensation for managing directors.
  5. No performance plans existed for the staff and unfulfilled financial obligations to sponsors existed.
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  7. The performance plan kicked in the other $ 1.7 million.
  8. He was a member of British Cycling's World Class Performance Plan between 1999 and 2001.
  9. Without any of this, we had to figure out how to  boot-strap a performance plan.
  10. Many of the executives who left protested a pay-for-performance plan that threatened to slash their compensation.
  11. Section 10 requires agencies to publish their strategic and performance plans and reports in machine-readable formats.
  12. In 2012, as part its Performance Plan 2012, PSA Peugeot Citro雗 chose Altran as its strategic partner.
  13. Investors, many of whom supported the pay-for-performance plan, criticized Maughan for underestimating the backlash from managing directors.
  14. Organizers blamed participants, who they said were late in submitting performance plans for concerts and cultural shows.
  15. Leicester City's academy has had category one status under the Elite Player Performance Plan since July 2013.
  16. They also approved the company's 2002 Executive Performance Plan, which ties executive compensation to annual performance targets.
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