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  1. There must be computer capacity planning, technology forecasting, and personnel performance planning.
  2. He served on the Board of Appeal, and the Implementation Group : performance planning and evaluation system.
  3. But Baldwin said none of the 40 national sports federations had cited the University Games as a major part of their performance planning.
  4. In his new role, Hunt, formerly president of Holiday Inn North America, will assume global responsibility for corporate development, human resources, corporate affairs and performance planning.
  5. If the answer is " yes " to the question of whether the " gle " can perform, then the cost of the performance is assessed and the performance planning begins.
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  7. DC Hybrid Skating, LLC spawned from the combined training programs of Cruikshank and Curtis Brackenbury, an NHL Veteran, after both realized key performance elements were missing from their individual programs; Cruikshank and Brackenbury joined forces in 2004, combining Cruikshank's skating and conditioning focus and Brackenbury's conditioning, Long Term performance planning and elite level ice hockey experience.

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