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  1. Azul produces the jHiccup open source performance measurement tool for Java applications.
  2. There are ( at least ) three levels of operational performance measurements.
  3. Performance measurement system should be reviewed and improved on an ongoing basis.
  4. The theory of performance paradox is grounded in three characteristics of performance measurement.
  5. The one tool that has been used professionally is performance measurement and appraisal.
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  7. LEED is a design tool and not a performance measurement tool.
  8. There are two levels of resolution-performance measurement, and classifying service-related activities.
  9. Several other performance evaluation models in the academic literature also describe performance measurement.
  10. Continuous performance measurement enables online monitoring and fault detection at panel-level.
  11. Kearney, C . ( 1991 )'Performance Measurement in the Australian Public Service '.
  12. Protocol analyzers are mainly used for performance measurement and troubleshooting.
  13. WHIR's sophisticated equipment can establish baseline performance measurements and track athletic improvement over time.
  14. More detailed performance measurements on modern processor architectures are given in the table below.
  15. The implementation of this type of performance measurement and competition significantly improved agent performance.
  16. With the help of Dann Sheridan, Robb designed and built the Gomez performance measurement system.
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