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  1. Extant performance material was prepared by his assistant Johann Christian K鰌ping.
  2. New high-performance materials for thermoelectric cooling are being actively researched.
  3. In 1995 Kalmus'performance material based on the BGA.
  4. In October 2010, Zyvex Performance Materials changed its name to Zyvex Technologies.
  5. Liquid roofing can be undertaken with high performance materials.
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  7. This led to high performance materials e . g.
  8. SEP specializes in developing high-performance materials.
  9. DSM is active worldwide in life science products, performance materials and industrial chemicals.
  10. The performance material for Weimar is lost.
  11. The performance material survived but does not reveal further detail, other than indicating one later performance.
  12. He is also head of the Center for Excellence for Higher Performance Material at the University of Tehran.
  13. VDM Nickel-Technologie was bought in 1989, for high-performance materials, mechanical engineering and electronics.
  14. The focus was on developing professional level performance material for cabaret, theatrical clowning, street theater and circus.
  15. In 2010 he was Chairman of Avantor Performance Material based in Centre Valley, PA ( near Bethlehem ).
  16. The main research focus is on the fundamental and applied aspects of designing and creating novel high-performance materials.
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