per week in a sentence

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  1. They each are booking $ 11 million worth of travel per week.
  2. Many growers travel to participate in more than one market per week.
  3. German workers are on the job 42 . 9 hours per week.
  4. Shoplifting incidents dropped from once per week to about once per year.
  5. Simple arithmetic says that each teacher sees about 800 students per week.
  6. It's difficult to find per week in a sentence.
  7. The family spends $ 300 to $ 400 per week on groceries.
  8. Ansett executives expect six flights per week by the end of 1998.
  9. One survey said the average per week time online is 5 hours.
  10. He expected the job to take a couple of days per week.
  11. Maersk / Sealand to make three calls per week, BUSINESS TIMES
  12. There also will be at least two musical acts per week.
  13. Last year, that cap would have been $ 402 per week.
  14. NBC chooses one game per week to focus on as well.
  15. The contract was paying $ 250 per week at the time.
  16. Production is measured in terms of a few pots per week.
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