pequots in a sentence

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  1. In 1983 the Pequots won federal recognition of their ancestral lands.
  2. There weren't many Pequots walking around with gaming experience.
  3. Many of the Pequots believe the crunching is a joyful noise.
  4. The Pequots have talked for several years about a theme park.
  5. Gejdenson said he believes the Mashantucket Pequots definitely are American Indians.
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  7. Mason set fire to eighty homes, killing 600 700 Pequots.
  8. The murderers meanwhile escaped and were given sanctuary with the Pequots.
  9. The compromised Pequots rushed up the hill, the English following.
  10. He also asked the Pequots to consider bidding to be the developer.
  11. Now it's just people talking about the Pequots.
  12. Pequots were shrewd in the realization that they needed savvy gambling experts.
  13. The Pequots do not do things in a small way.
  14. He declined to say how much the company would pay the Pequots.
  15. And not surprisingly, the Pequots have already staked their claim there.
  16. Marie Chippewas of Michigan and the Mashantucket Pequots of Connecticut.
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