pen in a sentence

"pen" meaning  "pen" in Chinese  
  1. Nothing can kill a team quicker than a shaky'pen.
  2. Inside about 30 lambs and goats are kept in a pen.
  3. Herzog began seeking participants for his pen pal service in October.
  4. Bonnie waggles her pen at the class to get their attention.
  5. Playa Lancheros is a favorite for its live sea turtle pens.
  6. It's difficult to find pen in a sentence.
  7. Le Pen, says, alluding to Chirac's slogan.
  8. The pen was in Shaquille O'Neal's hand.
  9. Everybody in the pen had the opportunity to shut the door.
  10. The inventor got the idea when bank customers kept stealing pens.
  11. I bought a fountain pen _ " pluma,"
  12. They had to be formed by hand with pens or pencils.
  13. It was good to go to the pen and do well.
  14. He bought the store's remaining supply, 10 pens.
  15. The vote was unanimous : the needle pens had to go.
  16. For more information, call ( 800 ) 253-PENS.
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