pen and paper in a sentence

"pen and paper" in Chinese  
  1. Yet one must resist the urge to throw away pen and paper.
  2. Password Journal has compartments for trinkets and slots for pens and paper.
  3. Aboard Discovery, Bowman and Poole use pen and paper to take notes.
  4. He went storming out; she grabbed her pen and paper and guitar.
  5. I had never known you could do that with pen and paper.
  6. It's difficult to find pen and paper in a sentence.
  7. The pen and paper on the table signify the rule of law.
  8. The writing does not have to be done with pen and paper.
  9. Lee can't type, let alone express his ideas with pen and paper.
  10. She took the pen and paper, scribbled her name and returned them.
  11. Most of the world, Costello said, still votes with pen and paper.
  12. Despite high-tech communication devices, every business still depends upon pen and paper.
  13. One waved a pen and paper, hoping to snag the Omnipotent One.
  14. They all want pencils and pens and paper to write on.
  15. She " was even denied pen and paper, " he said.
  16. "I got a pen and paper and wrote, " he said.
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