pen and ink in a sentence

"pen and ink" meaning  "pen and ink" in Chinese  
  1. He worked in oils, woodcuts, pen and ink and drawing as well.
  2. The images are pen and ink drawings often rendered in minute detail.
  3. He also worked with tempera, pen and ink, and brush and pastel.
  4. His pen and ink drawings show a fine draughtsmanship without requiring cross-hatching.
  5. Barker was equally proficient in watercolour, pen and ink, oils, and pastels.
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  7. But Keene was not only a brilliant worker in pen and ink.
  8. Hockney made several pen and ink drawings of street life in Beirut.
  9. The scratchy pen and ink, that s how it looks to me.
  10. He worked in many different media : watercolours, gouache and pen and ink.
  11. With pen and ink he illustrated legendary scenes and several works of Shakespeare.
  12. The book is illustrated with several pen and ink drawings by Gregor Duncan.
  13. The resulting pen and ink'wind drawings'were displayed in the exhibition space.
  14. He updated his own frontispiece to pen and ink in 1943.
  15. They are done in what I would call pen and ink.
  16. She used various styles and media, including scraperboard, wash and pen and ink.
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