pen america in a sentence

  1. She is a member of the board of Pen America.
  2. He has been elected as a Professional Member of PEN America and PEN International.
  3. She is member of PEN America.
  4. In its first year, PEN America was named one of the " Ten Best New Magazines " by Library Journal.
  5. Of a possible boycott, both the NCAC and PEN America have said that boycotts would have " chilling effect " on publishing.
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  7. This award, given out by Pen America, recognizes the best book of the year written about technology for a broad audience.
  8. "PEN America " was founded in 2000 by M Mark, then a member of PEN's Board of Trustees.
  9. Cooley s short fiction and essays have appeared in A Public Space, AGNI, Southampton Review, The Common, PEN America, Washington Square, and elsewhere.
  10. He is on the executive committee of the International Mystery Writers Festival and is a member of PEN America, The Author s Guild and the Palm Springs Writers Guild.
  11. PEN America Center is one of two PEN centers located in the USA, the other is PEN Center USA in Los Angeles, it covers the USA west of the Mississippi.
  12. "' PEN America : A Journal for Writers and Readers "'is an annual literary journal that features fiction, poetry, conversation, criticism, and memoir.
  13. PEN America Center is the largest of the 144 centers that belong to PEN International, the worldwide association of writers that defends those who are harassed, imprisoned and killed for their views.
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