pemulwuy in a sentence

  1. Tedbury, son of Pemulwuy, was captured near Pennant Hills.
  2. Pemulwuy recommenced his fighting against the British by November 1797.
  3. In 2008 Marlene Cummins released an eponymous song about Pemulwuy.
  4. Pemulwuy was the first to be shot and wounded.
  5. Pemulwuy was the main leader of raids against the colony in the 1790s.
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  7. British military expeditions failed to locate and capture Pemulwuy.
  8. Pemulwuy became a kadaicha man of his tribe.
  9. Pemulwuy's head was preserved in spirits.
  10. Australian composer Paul Jarman composed a choral work entitled " Pemulwuy ".
  11. Pemulwuy, an Aboriginal Political leader, is notable for his Brickfield and Hawkesbury River.
  12. The redevelopment of Redfern by the Aboriginal Housing Company has been called the Pemulwuy Project.
  13. The other man commemorated was Pemulwuy who fought against European settlement in the Sydney district.
  14. The most prominent warrior was Pemulwuy.
  15. Famous Aborigines who resisted British colonisation in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries include Pemulwuy and Yagan.
  16. Pemulwuy is a 5-minute drive to the M4 and 10-minute drive to Parramatta.
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