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  1. In early September 1945, Angkatan Pemuda Indonesia was formed.
  2. He also joined Persatuan Pemuda Rakyat Indonesia ( Perpri ) section Purworejo.
  3. Pemuda in Central Jakarta yesterday, causing heavy traffic jams on nearby roads.
  4. Pemuda was formerly named the Simpangsche Societeit frequented by white people for dancing.
  5. Datuk Zahid sees Pemuda as the link between the grass roots and government.
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  7. Pemuda and the Public Works office on Jl.
  8. Many of its inhabitants were tortured and killed by the " Pemuda ".
  9. The Gedung Balai Pemuda on Jl.
  10. Pemuda were than say, where Fuxingmenwai Avenue ( a major Beijing thoroughfare ) is located.
  11. Boestaman was a nationalist and the founder of political parties Angkatan Pemuda Insaf and Parti Rakyat.
  12. Pemuda in East Jakarta there were no stocks of Mesran Super, Mesran Prima or 2T lubricants.
  13. In 1928, Yamin participated in the Second Congress of Indonesian Youth, which issued the Sumpah Pemuda.
  14. Among the participants were members of the PKI-affiliated youth group " Pemuda Rakyat ".
  15. Other museums are Satria Mandala Military Museum, Museum Sumpah Pemuda, and Lubang Buaya ( Crocodile Well ).
  16. Wikana was a member of Angkatan Pemuda Indonesia ( API; Indonesian Young Generation ) later became the chairman.
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