pemuda pancasila in a sentence

  1. Gories said, referring to Abi, the son of Yapto Suryosumarno, one of the leaders of Pemuda Pancasila.
  2. Students beefed up security following rumors that a Golkar-affiliated youth organization Pemuda Pancasila was going to attack them Wednesday.
  3. Today, Anwar is revered as the right wing of a paramilitary organization, Pemuda Pancasila, that grew out of the death squads.
  4. Yorris, who is also an executive of the Golkar-affiliated Pemuda Pancasila youth organization, was detained at the Kiss Me entertainment center on Jl.
  5. SERANG, West Java : Pemuda Pancasila activists called on intellectuals to join forces and help dispel its image of an organization of thugs, Antara reported yesterday.
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  7. JAKARTA ( JP ) : The chairman of the Golkar-affiliated Pemuda Pancasila youth organization, Yorris Raweyai, 47, was apprehended Thursday for alleged gambling.
  8. Yapto Soerjosoemarno is known as the leader of Pemuda Pancasila ( Pancasila Youth ), an organization of semi-official political gangsters that supported the Patriot Party.
  9. The investigations will center around six members of the Pemuda Pancasila, who on Dec . 7 stormed the office of Suara Timor Timur, an independent daily newspaper.
  10. Wahidin in Medan, shop owners said they had organized their own patrols, taking turns to guard their property, with the help of the Pemuda Pancasila youth organization.
  11. A similar tense situation had also taken place at the House on Tuesday when dozens of Soeharto supporters from the Pemuda Pancasila youth organization met face to face with anti-Soeharto protesters.
  12. Tension rose briefly when a group of activists from the Golkar-affiliated Pemuda Pancasila ( Pancasila Youth Organization ) entered the compound in their black-and-orange, military-like fatigues.
  13. Pemuda Pancasila played an important role in supporting Soeharto's military coup in 1965 : they ran death squads for the Indonesian army, murdering thousands of alleged communists across the province of North Sumatra.
  14. Gafur, in his capacity as deputy chairman of the ruling Golkar party, summoned Yorris-- a Golkar member and an executive of the Golkar-affiliated Pemuda Pancasila youth organization-- for questioning Tuesday.
  15. Yorris, who is also an executive of the Golkar-affiliated Pemuda Pancasila youth organization, was among almost 100 alleged gamblers apprehended during Jakarta Military Command raids at three entertainment spots in West and North Jakarta on Thursday last week.
  16. "We caught 12 gamblers red-handed at Kiss Me, including the well-known leader of a youth organization, " he said, referring to Yorris, who is chairman of the Golkar-affiliated Pemuda Pancasila youth organization.
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