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  1. PeMS traffic information is then available through the Internet.
  2. Paul Mwige-Pems Autozone, a transport logistics and fleet management solutions.
  3. PEMs have not yet been proven in space.
  4. One veteran AM radio news editor pooh-poohed the PeMS system as a gimmick.
  5. This makes PEMs more economical to launch from Earth than the shuttle's cells.
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  7. PEMs are minimially invasive, typically covering approximately 0.00005 % of the beach.
  8. Given access to free PeMS, she said, " I'd do it ."
  9. A recent example of PEMS advantages over laboratory testing is the Volkswagen ( VW ) Scandal of 2015.
  10. The most commonly used Nafion PEMs are Nafion XL, 112, 115, 117, and 1110.
  11. Like other fuel cells, PEMs rely on hydrogen, which has to be extracted from fossil fuels or water.
  12. HEP systems were acquired by the Ballistic Research Laboratory ( four PEM system ), Messerschmitt ( three PEMS system.
  13. Measurement Accuracy Margins are being established to account for the emissions measurement variability associated with the PEMS in-use.
  14. Soon, however, the public will be able to register on the PeMS site, transacct . eecs . berkeley . edu.
  15. His first posting was to the independent kingdom of Basutoland ( present-day Lesotho ), where the PEMS had been established since 1833.
  16. The new road testing data and the purchased data were generated using Portable Emissions Measurement Systems ( PEMS ) invented by an EPA engineer in 1995.
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