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  1. Ghiberti was born in Pelago, 20 km from Florence.
  2. In November 2006, Pelago, Inc completed Series A financing backed by Bezos Expeditions.
  3. In May 2008, Pelago announced a second round of funding totaling US $ 15 million led by Deutsche Telekom, followed by India-based Reliance Technology Ventures and DAG Ventures.
  4. "' Pelago "'is a " comune " ( municipality ) in the Province of Florence in the Italian region Tuscany, located about east of Florence.
  5. He was a soldier and enlisted as a Bersaglierie for Vignola, and fought in Monte Pelago and Monte Pulito in the Wars of iItalian Indendence, later in a campaign against brigands in Calabria and Abbruzzi.
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  7. He had already painted two pictures, a " St Tesauro " and " St Peter Igneo " for the abbey of San Michele in Pelago, Pistoia, which had brought him a favorable reputation.
  8. He has now published " Dr . Atkins'New Diet Revolution, " ( M . Evans ) and has agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to meet at Pelago, a Mediterranean restaurant at 137 East 55th Street.
  9. The municipality of Pelago contains the " frazioni " ( subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets ) Borselli, Carbonile, Consuma, Diacceto, Fontisterni, Magnale, Palaie, Paterno, Raggioli, San Francesco, and Stentatoio.
  10. Just a sampling : Acme Packet, Airvana, Celox Communications, Convergent Networks, Crescent Networks, Ellacoya Networks, Equipe Communications, Gotham Networks, Mintera Networks, Pelago Networks, PhotonEx, Tenor Networks, Watercove Networks, and Winphoria Networks.
  11. Though usually cast as the ingenue or  the daughter, she displayed a wide range of acting ability when she was cast as the mean character in Mega Channel s mystery series, " " Me Thea Sto Pelago " ".
  12. Or Ian Russo, a graduate of New York City Technical College, who worked at Bouley and is now chef of the six-month-old Pelago, where he prepares a fondue of haloumi and kasseri cheeses and dishes like codfish plaki, roasted cod in a red sauce with basmati rice.
  13. Since then she has lived in Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina, and after living in Pelago, Italy for a year, she moved back to Michael Grant, her co-author on many projects including " Animorphs " and " Everworld ", adopted their daughter, Julia, in China.
  14. Current Melodic recording artists include Man Of Moon, The Drink, Febueder, Dark Dark Dark, Stephen Steinbrink, K-X-P, Malcolm Middleton and David Shrigley, Paume, Archie Pelago & Grenier, Patterns, Howes, L . Pierre, Working for a Nuclear Free City, The Soundcarriers, Windmill, Michael A Grammar, The Longcut and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.
  15. The North American version of the game includes a number of varying translations : the Paoul Republic is instead the Pelago Commonwealth; the game currency is referred to as pelagos, some of the animal's common names are changed, the R & R Diving Service is the L & L Diving Service; Oc閍ne and Jean-Eric Rouvier are called Oceana and Jean-Eric Louvier; and Oc閍ne's late father, Matthieu, is referred to as Matthias.

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