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  1. Again Pelagius won, and Munuza was killed in the fighting.
  2. Pelagius became better known around 380 when he moved to Rome.
  3. Following an appeal from Augustine, Pope Innocent I condemned Pelagius.
  4. After he confiscated their property in Antioch, Pelagius excommunicated him.
  5. In France, Notre-Dame, to preach against Pelagius.
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  7. Pelagius continued to live in Oviedo and be addressed as bishop.
  8. Augustine says that the churches in Palestine were deceived by Pelagius.
  9. Pelagius was a Visigoth nobleman, the son of Fafila.
  10. The scene where he is examining Pelagius's image is removed.
  11. During his episcopate, the city of Pelagius, a notorious forger.
  12. Pelagius became concerned about the moral laxity of society.
  13. The exchange never occurred, and Pelagius remained a captive for three years.
  14. The first church and school were established by Father Pelagius Nowlan in 1835.
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