pelagius of oviedo in a sentence

  1. The Cathedral was restored in the 12th century by Archbishop Pelagius of Oviedo, the chronicler.
  2. Garc韆's wife, Muniadona, was said by Pelagius of Oviedo to have been daughter of Nu駉 Fern醤dez, but this is chronologically impossible.
  3. The earliest source to explicitly date the battle is Pelagius of Oviedo, who writes that Vermudo died in his tenth year ( which he incorrectly makes 1032, though it was in fact 1037 ).
  4. According to a later falsified document of bishop Pelagius of Oviedo, Alfonso III held a council at Oviedo in 899 or 900 and with the approval of a certain " Pope John " ( perhaps metropolitan rank.
  5. According to Bishop Pelagius of Oviedo, contemporary of the king, in his " Chronicon regum Legionensium " ( " Chronicle of the Kings of Le髇 " ), Alfonso VI had five wives and two concubines " nobilissimas " ( very noble ).
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  7. The later chronicler Pelagius of Oviedo interpolated into Sampiro's account the words " et erant ei rebelles " ( " and they were rebels " ) in order to explain Ordo駉's action, but this is conjecture, as is the modern suggestion that it is related to the defeat at the Battle of Valdejunquera.

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