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  1. The latter was transferred from Constantinople by Pope Pelagius II during his restoration of the Basilica.
  2. A report was sent to Rome and Pope Pelagius II solemnly annulled the acts of this council.
  3. Eventually, Pope Pelagius II ordained Gregory a deacon and solicited his help in trying to heal the schism of the Three Chapters in northern Italy.
  4. Eventually, Pope Pelagius II ordained him a deacon and solicited his help in trying to heal the schism of the Three Chapters in northern Italy.
  5. The relics of the protomartyr were later translated to Rome by Pope Pelagius II during the construction of the basilica of San Lorenzo fuori le Mura.
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  7. "' Pope Pelagius II "'( 520  7 February 590 ) was Pope from 26 November 579 to his death in 590.
  8. In 579, Pelagius II chose Gregory as his " apocrisiarius " ( ambassador to the imperial court in Constantinople ), a post Gregory would hold until 586.
  9. In 590 Pope Pelagius II was succeeded by Gregory I, who was initially on good terms with John IV, whom he had known when Gregory served as legate at Constantinople.
  10. Monte Cassino had been plundered by the Lombards and the monks escaped to Rome to seek protection from Pope Pelagius II . Antoninus, however, headed for Campania where he ended up at Castellammare di Stabia.
  11. He profited, however, by his stay at Byzantium to compose works against Arianism, and there became acquainted with the future Pope Gregory the Great, at that time legate of Pope Pelagius II at the Byzantine court.
  12. With the Byzantine military focused on the East, these entreaties proved unsuccessful; in 584, Pelagius II wrote to Gregory as " apocrisiarius ", detailing the hardships that Rome was experiencing under the Lombards and asking him to ask Emperor Maurice to send a relief force.
  13. Popes Vigilius, Pelagius I ( 556 61 ), Pelagius II ( 579 90 ), and Gregory the Great ( 590 604 ) were only aware that the Fifth Council specifically dealt with the Three Chapters and they made no mention of Origenism or Universalism, nor spoke as if they knew of its condemnation, even though Gregory the Great was opposed to the belief of universalism.

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