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  1. The earliest known reference to Pelagius is as a deacon at Oviedo in 1096.
  2. The commission of the casing shows us Alfonso III s interest in perpetuating the legend of Pelagius I.
  3. I think Pelagius is trying to answer that question, but it's not clear to me.
  4. An early leader was Richard Williams Morgan ( " Mar Pelagius I " ) ( lived 1815 1899 ).
  5. The cult of Saint Pelagius is thought to have provided spiritual energy for centuries to the Rhoswitha of Gandersheim.
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  7. Morgan was given the full title Mar Pelagius I, Hierarch of Caerleon-on-Usk by Ferrette in Oxfordshire in 1858.
  8. At some point Pelagius is said to have rebelled, but for what reasons is unknown; such rebellions by local authorities against their superiors formed a common theme in Visigothic Spain.
  9. In 552 / 553 he negotiated with Pope Vigilius for Emperor Justinian I . Under Pope Pelagius I ( 556 561 ) he returned to Italy, making a home in Sicily.
  10. Morgan took the religious name of " Mar Pelagius I " and undertook to revive the Celtic Christianity that existed prior to the Synod of Whitby while continuing his duties as an Anglican priest.
  11. He may be identical with the subdeacon John who made a collection of extracts from the Greek Fathers and completed the translation of the " Vitae patrum " into Latin which Pope Pelagius I had begun.
  12. Pelagius is the subject of a poem by the Glasgow poet Edwin Morgan ( " Cathures ", Carcanet 2002 ) which imagines that Pelagius has returned to his native Glasgow ( Cathures ) and that his Celtic name was Morgan.
  13. Pelagius is the patron saint of Konstanz and the Cathedral of Konstanz, owing to the transfer of relics that were believed to be his to that city before or around 904 AD . He usually does not have a face in his depictions.
  14. Vigilius declared his submission to the council, as did his successor, Pelagius I . The council was not immediately recognized as ecumenical in the West, and the churches of Milan and Aquileia even broke off communion with Rome over this issue.
  15. In M J Trow and Richard Denham's'Britannia'series, Pelagius is a character who has a huge moral impact on one of the four central characters, Vitalis, and his take on Christianity resonates throughout the rest of the series.
  16. Pelagius is frequently referred to in Jack Whyte's series of books known as " A Dream of Eagles ", where a major character's belief in Pelagius'ideas of free will and the laxity of the Roman Catholic Church eventually cause him to come into conflict with Church representatives.
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