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  1. Pelagio C . Manjarrez ( 1886 1952 ) was from Tochimilco.
  2. When Don Pelagio leaves, Gasparina calls Don Ettore back in.
  3. Gasparina pleads for forgiveness and mercy, and Don Pelagio is swayed.
  4. Dr . Pelagio Blancia was the first mayor by appointment.
  5. He was a pupil, along with Carlo Bellosio, of Pelagio Palagi.
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  7. Pelagio A . Alcantara, then a public school principal, was elected president.
  8. In 1846, Archbishop Pelagio Antonio de Labastida y D醰alos initiated a clerical separation from Mexico City.
  9. Don Pelagio has left something behind, however, and returns to catch Gasparina and Don Ettore together.
  10. Don Pelagio and Don Ettore are both angry at having been deceived and taken advantage of by the women.
  11. In 1804, began at the Academy and then moved to Rome in 1809, where he befriended Pelagio Palagi.
  12. "Pelagio " is an opera with " roots in the bel canto tradition that shows the influence of Verdi ",
  13. Don Pelagio decides to throw the women out of their apartment, which he had given them, and begins to carry away their belongings.
  14. As soon as their fleet had arrived at Damietta, a council was held with Pelagio Galvani, the papal legate, in the city.
  15. He may have become dean of the Sacred College in January 1230, as the most senior Cardinal-Bishop after the death of Pelagio Galvani
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