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  1. He was a pupil, along with Carlo Bellosio, of Pelagio Palagi.
  2. In 1804, began at the Academy and then moved to Rome in 1809, where he befriended Pelagio Palagi.
  3. In 1817, the villa was sold to the lawyer Giovanni Traversi; beginning in 1840, the interiors were refurbished and the fa鏰de added by Pelagio Palagi.
  4. In the late 18th century the English Landscape garden style was introduced, Pelagio Palagi erected a series of small structures along the lake; such as the Gothic style chapel, and other landscape elements.
  5. He had frequented the school of Pelagio Palagi, although his style became different His works, which were chiefly Revolution of 1848 at Milan to the 1862 Exhibition, and also occasionally exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1864 and 1871.
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  7. These completed statues were recreated by joining a poorly preserved marble head ( Dresden ) and a plaster cast of a similar Roman marble head, from the collection of Pelagio Palagi ( Bologna ), to a pair of identical bodies in Dresden.
  8. The interior has canvases in the collection of the foundation by Nicola Bertuzzi, Carlo Lodi, Antonio Beccadelli, Pietro Roppa, Bernardo Minozzi, Ercole Drei, Lorenzo Pasinelli, Giovanni Romagnoli, Guercino, Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Annibale Carracci, Donato Creti, Antonio Basoli, Pietro Poppi and Pelagio Palagi.
  9. Founded in September 1881 by the merging of two separate museums : the one belonging to the University of Bologna  heir of the " Room of Antiquity " belonging to the Academy of Sciences founded by Luigi Ferdinando Marsili in ( 1714 )  and that belonging to the City of Bologna ( enriched by the antique collection of Artist Pelagio Palagi ( 1860 ) and the large amount of finds from excavations conducted in and around Bologna during these times.

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