pelagio galvani in a sentence

  1. As soon as their fleet had arrived at Damietta, a council was held with Pelagio Galvani, the papal legate, in the city.
  2. He may have become dean of the Sacred College in January 1230, as the most senior Cardinal-Bishop after the death of Pelagio Galvani
  3. During the Fifth Crusade ( 1218-1221 ) a large force of Crusaders led by the papal legate Pelagio Galvani and John of Brienne took Damietta.
  4. George Akropolites, the contemporary 13th century Greek historian, notes that Henry " though a Frank by birth, behaved graciously to the Romans who were natives of the city of Constantine, and ranked many of them among his magnates, others among his soldiers, while the common populace he treated as his own people . " Indeed, when a Papal legate ( Pelagio Galvani, Cardinal-Bishop of Albano ) arrived in Constantinople in 1213 and began to imprison Orthodox clergy and to close churches on the orders of Pope Innocent III, Henry countermanded the orders on the request of the city's Greek clergy.
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