pelagija in a sentence

"pelagija" in Chinese  
  1. In 1924, Pelagija gave birth to a boy, } arko, who survived.
  2. Pelagija tends to Tiffebach's wounds for a few days but later betrays him to the Circassians in exchange for a horse.
  3. Haas met Tito in Paris, France, in 1937, a year after he had divorced his first wife, Pelagija " Polka " Belousova.
  4. Since their arrival in Yugoslavia, Pelagija had lost three babies soon after their births, and one daughter, Zlatina, at the age of two.
  5. Tiffenbach, now wearing Josef's uniform and identification tag, is later found by a woman named Pelagija, who takes him to her cabin in the woods.
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