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  1. Reproduction is oviparous, with pelagic eggs and larvae.
  2. Its diet consists of invertebrates, small fishes, pelagic eggs and larvae.
  3. The species is oviparous, with oval pelagic eggs floating in a gelatinous mass.
  4. The Humphead Wrasse produces pelagic eggs and larvae that ultimately settle on or near coral reef habitats.
  5. The pelagic eggs measure in diameter and 2.5 days after fertilization, the embryonic development occurs.
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  7. After one to two days, the pelagic eggs hatch into larvae, which metamorph into juveniles after about a month.
  8. Patagonian toothfish spawn in deep water ( around 1, 000m ) during the austral winter, producing pelagic eggs and larvae.
  9. Reproduction is presumably oviparous with pelagic eggs and larvae as with other members of the family, though eggs and newly hatched larvae have not been described.
  10. This suggests deep-water areas are barriers for adult movements, and, though they have pelagic eggs and larvae, dispersal during early life stages is not effective over long distances, either.
  11. The fish in " Alepes " are all predators, taking a range of crustaceans including copepods, spawns on a single event over a period of a few months, releasing small transparent, pelagic eggs.

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