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  1. "Onychodus " was about 2 to 4 meters in length and was a pelagic animal.
  2. The adult snails prey upon ( and live near to ) one of several species of pelagic animals loosely known as jellyfish.
  3. For a long time it has been surmised that many pelagic animals visit seamounts to gather food, but proof this of this aggregating effect has been lacking.
  4. Seamounts may thus be vital stopping points for some pelagic animals visit seamounts as well, to gather food, but proof of this aggregating effect has been lacking.
  5. The downward-pointing " teeth " were ideal for digging into and holding slippery, soft-skinned pelagic animals such as cephalopods that were probably snatched out of the water in flight or while swimming.
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  7. He found that species of the same reptiles 45 癈, and various molluscs 46 癈 . Also, in the case of pelagic animals, he showed a relation between death temperature and the quantity of solid constituents of the body.

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