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  1. It includes the highly abundant marine species " Pelagibacter ubique ".
  2. The taxon derives its name from the type species " Pelagibacter ubique ".
  3. HTVC010P infects one of the most common marine bacteria, " Pelagibacter ubique " of the SAR11 clade.
  4. HTTC1062 is the type strain of the species " Pelagibacter ubique ", which in turn is the type species of the genus Pelagibacter,
  5. "Pelagibacter ubique " and related species are oligotrophs ( scavengers ) and feed on dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen . and some cofactors.
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  7. The distinct environmental sequences were exploited to detect previously unknown RNAs in the marine bacterium " Pelagibacter ubique " . " P . ubique " is extremely common in marine sequences.
  8. Examples of oligotrophic organisms are the cave-dwelling olm; the bacterium, " Pelagibacter ubique ", which is the most abundant organism in the oceans with an estimated 2 ?10 28 individuals in total; and the lichens with their extremely low metabolic rate.
  9. As such, the " simplest " lifeforms ( " Pelagibacter ubique " for free-living organisms and " Mycoplasma genitalium " for organisms dependent on other lifeforms for survival ) are defined not because they are the most primitive, but because they have the smallest genomes for anything that meets the most widely accepted definition of " life ".
  10. The term " Candidatus " is used for proposed species for which the lack of information ( cf . ) prevents it from being a validated species according to the bacteriological code, such as deposition in two public cell repositories or lack of FAME analysis whereas " Cadidatus Pelagibacter ubique " is not in ATCC and DSMZ [ http : / / www . dsmz . de /, nor has analysis of lipids and quinones been conducted.

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