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  1. Against the Pelagians, Augustine strongly stressed the importance of infant baptism.
  2. In 416 Palladius was appointed Agricola ) issued a praetorian law that against the Pelagians.
  3. Some Pelagians denied that the original sin of Adam was transmitted to all humans at birth.
  4. Pelagians rejected predestination as incompatible with the freedom of each person to effect his own salvation.
  5. Like Jovinian, Pelagians insisted that human affections and desires were not touched by the fall either.
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  7. The first gives the writings of Mercator against the Pelagians and to these Garnier adds seven dissertations:
  8. Although outnumbered by the hostile Pelagians, Triton manages to overcome them and find what he came for.
  9. The editors of the Stuttgart Vulgate remark that this version of the epistles first became popular among the Pelagians.
  10. It is alleged that this was instigated by Pelagians against whom Jerome had written what were considered sharp polemics.
  11. Pelagians viewed sin as a matter of will and not of nature, as a choice that can be reversed.
  12. As Atticus was a strenuous opponent of the Pelagians, Julian and his brethren perhaps thought Rufus might be persuaded to favour them.
  13. The Pelagians were attacked in a glowing polemical poem of about 1000 lines, " Adversus ingratos ", written about 430.
  14. Sixtus III, the successor of Celestine ( 31 July 432 ) when a presbyter, had favoured the Pelagians, much to the grief of Augustine.
  15. Orosius met with Pelagius on Saint Augustine s behalf and he represented the orthodox party against the Pelagians at the Synod of Jerusalem that was held in June 415.
  16. Soon after this, Zosimus received from Honorius against the Pelagians, Zosimus issued his " Tractoria ", in which Pelagianism and its authors were finally condemned.
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