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  1. In Carthage in 411 he had opposed Caelestius, a Pelagian.
  2. Calvin was no antinomian and neither Arminius nor Wesley was a Pelagian.
  3. Valcamonica became the center of the " Pelagian " movement.
  4. The second appealed to Pope Innocent I for repression of the Pelagian heresy.
  5. Prosper also played a vital role in the Pelagian controversy in southern Gaul in the 420 s.
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  7. It is entirely independent of the real Prosper, and in parts even shows Pelagian tendencies and sympathies.
  8. Pelagian works to refute the notion that our works could serve as the proper basis for our justification.
  9. Cassian discusses a will that is more complex than the will at the heart of the Pelagian message.
  10. Against the Pelagian notion that man can do everything right, he taught that man could do little right.
  11. Overall his personal syncretic faith drew on Pelagian Christianity, Judaism, and wide-ranging reading across religious traditions.
  12. With the help of Augustine and Pope Celestine, Prosper was able to put down revolutions of the Pelagian Christians.
  13. Hecker also had used terms such as " natural virtue, " which to the pope suggested the Pelagian heresy.
  14. In 441 and 529, Orange hosted two synods : the latter was of importance in condemning the Pelagian heresy.
  15. In it he sought to give his own version of the Pelagian controversy and in his own interpretation of recent history.
  16. After Germanus healed the boy, the whole country was converted to the Catholic faith and gave up the Pelagian heresy completely.
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