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  1. Although the Mediterranean Sea provides a clearer divide between Africa and Europe, some traditionally European islands such as Malta, Sicily, Pantelleria and the Pelagian Islands are located on the African continental plate.
  2. Small surrounding islands are also part of various Sicilian provinces : the Aeolian Islands ( Messina ), isle of Ustica ( Palermo ), Aegadian Islands ( Trapani ), isle of Pantelleria ( Trapani ) and Pelagian Islands ( Agrigento ).
  3. The capture of Pantelleria and the Pelagian Islands, although not critical to the planned surrender; the request was brought to Benito Mussolini, who-after a consultation with Supermarina and the Supreme Command-decided to authorize it, ordering that the signal of surrender was broadcast at noon of that day, and the yield was to be motivated with the lack of water.
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