pelagian heresy in a sentence

  1. The second appealed to Pope Innocent I for repression of the Pelagian heresy.
  2. Hecker also had used terms such as " natural virtue, " which to the pope suggested the Pelagian heresy.
  3. In 441 and 529, Orange hosted two synods : the latter was of importance in condemning the Pelagian heresy.
  4. After Germanus healed the boy, the whole country was converted to the Catholic faith and gave up the Pelagian heresy completely.
  5. The first Archbishop of Canterbury was Pelagian heresy, had intended the new archiepiscopal sees for England to be established in London and York.
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  7. He is described as'passing at Ravenna, a bishop who defended Britain against the Pelagian heresy and travelled to make peace for Armorica '.
  8. His chance arose when St . Germanus of Auxerre visited Britain, probably for the second time in AD 447, to combat the Pelagian heresy.
  9. Germanus made a second voyage to Britain to combat the Pelagian heresy, this time healing the son of Elafius, one of the leading men of the country.
  10. Two church councils were held at Milevum, one in 402 AD and the other in 416 AD . The second appealed to Pope Innocent I for repression of the Pelagian heresy.
  11. A facsimile of the 1808 " A Dissertation of the Pelagian Heresy and the Refutation of it al Llandewi Brevi by St David " has been printed in Carmarthen on the same street as the original.
  12. This text only very briefly mentions Alban, but is an important text concerning his nascent Pelagian heresy in Britain, and petitioned Saint Alban to give thanks to God on his ( Germanus's ) behalf.
  13. Indeed, in his " Song of the Pelagian Heresy " he becomes quite strident, describing how the Bishop of Auxerre, " with his stout Episcopal staff / So thoroughly thwacked and banged / The heretics all, both short and tall / They rather had been hanged ".
  14. While still only pope-elect, John, with the other bishops of the Catholic Church, wrote to the clergy of Ireland and Scotland to tell them of the mistakes they were making with regard to the time of keeping Easter, and exhort them to be on their guard against the Pelagian heresy.
  15. As early perhaps as 431 Marius Mercator denounced him as the real author of the Pelagian heresy ( Lib . subnot . " in verba Juliani ", praef ); and not long afterwards prefaced his translation of Theodore's ecthesis with a still more violent attack on him as the precursor of Nestorianism.

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