pelagian controversies in a sentence

  1. Prosper also played a vital role in the Pelagian controversy in southern Gaul in the 420 s.
  2. In it he sought to give his own version of the Pelagian controversy and in his own interpretation of recent history.
  3. In 1618, he published for the first time the " Libellus fidei ", sent to the Holy See during the Pelagian controversy by Julian, Bishop of Eclanum in Apulia.
  4. The year before he had published his "  Historia Pelagiana " a history of the Pelagian controversies; at the time it was considered by some to favour the views of the Arminians or Remonstrants.
  5. It is one of the few surviving texts from the 5th century with information about Britain and the Pelagian controversy, and is also one of the first texts to identify and promote the cult of Saint Alban.
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  7. His communications with Victricius of Rouen, Pelagian controversy, confirming the decisions of the synod of the province of proconsular Africa, held in Carthage in 416, which had been sent to him, and also writing in the same year in a similar sense to the fathers of the Numidian synod of Mileve who had addressed him ( Augustine of Hippo among them ).

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