pekoe in a sentence

"pekoe" meaning  "pekoe" in Chinese  
  1. Plain orange pekoe is the best for iced tea.
  2. She also gives high marks to Twinings Orange Pekoe and Jacksons Orange Pekoe.
  3. She also gives high marks to Twinings Orange Pekoe and Jacksons Orange Pekoe.
  4. Almost from the start, Crabtree stocked oolong and pekoe and biscuits and marmalades.
  5. 1 / 4 cup loose orange pekoe tea
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  7. 1 cup strong orange pekoe tea, chilled
  8. 1 cup very strong chilled black tea ( or orange pekoe tea or Chinese lychee tea)
  9. I drink hot tea every morning, but the kind I like is labeled orange pekoe.
  10. As for flavoring, there is a pekoe or two worth picking from the Snapple playbook.
  11. This was at the first ever tea auction held in Broken Orange Pekoe ( BOP ).
  12. Orange Pekoe signed with the label BMG and released the single  Happy Valley in April 2002.
  13. It would boil up higher, releasing the heady fragrance of choice cut black and orange pekoe tea.
  14. For each method, we used family-size iced tea brew bags and loose orange-pekoe tea.
  15. The slow-growing tea bushes of this highland region produce some of the world's finest orange pekoe tea.
  16. Top-quality pekoe grades consist of only the leaf buds, which are picked using the balls of the fingertips.
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