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  1. Named subpatterns are a feature that PCRE adopted from Python regular expressions.
  2. In the PCRE library used by Safari.
  3. Since version 5.0, NoteTab uses Perl Compatible regular expressions powered by PCRE.
  4. ;Newline / linebreak options : When PCRE is compiled, a newline default is selected.
  5. PCRE can use a large linearly ( not exponentially ) with the size of the input.
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  7. Few application using PCRE provide users with the means to apply this setting via an external option.
  8. A good example of this is \ R, which had no special meaning prior to PCRE 7.
  9. It is also slightly slower than PCRE for parenthetic capturing operations, but is much faster for matching in general.
  10. The PCRE library provides matching only; the C + + wrapper, if used, adds multiple match and replacement functionality.
  11. Note that the UCP option requires the PCRE library to have been built to include UTF-8 and Unicode property support.
  12. Support for experimental backtracking control verbs ( added in Perl 5.10 ) is available in PCRE since version 7.3.
  13. Perl uses the heap for recursion and has no hard limit for recursion depth, whereas PCRE has a compile time hard limit.
  14. ;Backslash-R options : New in version 7.4 : When PCRE is compiled, a default is selected for what matches \ R.
  15. Since version 8.10, matching of certain " normal " metacharacters can be driven by Unicode properties when the compile option PCRE _ UCP is set.
  16. This will call out to an external, user-defined function through the PCRE API, and can be used to embed arbitrary code in a pattern.
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