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  1. Restriction fragment length polymorphism . pcr - rflp
  2. Polymerase chain reaction - restriction fragment length polymorphism , pcr - rflp
  3. Polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism , pcr - rflp
  4. Genetic identification of contracaecum rudolphii complex by pcr - rflp
  5. Detection of polymorphism of tumor necrosis factor receptor gene by pcr - rflp
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  7. Polymorphism analysis for exon 2 of melatonin receptor 1a gene in four sheep breeds by pcr - rflp
  8. Determination of specific status of contracaecum rudolphii from china by pcr - rflp and specific pcr assays
  9. Study of the distribution and classification of the integron in gram - negative bacteria by the use of pcr - rflp
  10. Pcr - rflp polymorphism of insulin - like growth factor binding protein 3 gene and its association with milk trait of chinese holstein
  11. Based on the result of numerical taxonomy , 16s rdna pcr - rflp were applied to 12 isolates and 9 reference strains
  12. Based on morphological taxonomy , we systematically investigated the application of rapd and rdna pcr - rflp in the molecular taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus pleurolus
  13. According to the phylogenetic tree , the thirteen strains were grouped into four distinct pcr - rflp clusters , namely , coriaria group , myrica group , myrica - casuarina - alnus group and casuarinarmyrica group
  14. A bacillus thuringiensis strain bt25 with high insecticidal activity against several primary lepidopteran pests in china was identified by pcr - rflp system , and subsequently a novel crylaa gene was cloned from it by pcr techniques
  15. The 16s rdna pcr - rflp revealed 9 different genotypies among the 12 isolates . the patterns of slow - growers were markedly different to that of fast - growers . ccbau61116x ccbau41069 ccbau23168 had identical restriction patterns
  16. Thesuperinfectionphenomenon of wolbachia are insured in t . evanescens and t . chiloni ( guangdong strain ) by using pcr - rflp analysis . additional , three wolbachia strains were found in t . ostriniae population of beijing
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