pcr reaction in a sentence

  1. But the solutions used to do this can inhibit the PCR reaction.
  2. After PCR reaction, templates are denatured and disassociate from the beads.
  3. MAK2 assumes constant amplification efficiency during the PCR reaction.
  4. DNA polymerase in PCR reactions also results in blunt-ended PCR products.
  5. These structures significantly affect the primer efficiency and therefore the success of a PCR reaction.
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  7. Very rarely does DNA contamination really affect the PCR reaction, at least in my experience.
  8. Gagneux performed about three PCR reactions for each stage of his analysis, while Constable might do double or triple that amount.
  9. Paired DNA and RNA molecules are comparatively stable at room temperature but the two nucleotide strands will separate above a primers for PCR reactions.
  10. However, use of the thermostable polymerase eliminates the need for having to add new enzyme to the PCR reaction during the thermocycling process.
  11. Just in case i had somehow messed up the reaction in the tube by adding the wrong thing, i ran my PCR reactions on a gel.
  12. Tetra-primer amplification refractory mutation system PCR, or ARMS-PCR, employs two pairs of primers to amplify two alleles in one PCR reaction.
  13. The only DNA detected in his specimens was identified as coming from the bacteria " Phyllobacterium mysinacearum ", which is a common contaminant in PCR reactions.
  14. DMSO in a PCR reaction is applicable for supercoiled plasmids ( to relax before amplification ) or DNA templates with high GC-content ( to decrease thermostability ).
  15. A triplex tetra-primer ARMS-PCR method was developed for the simultaneous detection of C677T and A1298C polymorphisms with the A66G MTRR polymorphism in a single PCR reaction.
  16. In a multiplex PCR reaction, it is possible for the different sequences to suffer from different inhibition effects to different extents, leading to disparity in their relative amplifications.
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